Once upon a time ...

...you could have walked into a record store and would have found different sections for all famous labels: Factory, el, Sarah, Creation, 53rd & 3rd. Those record-labels meant a lot to indie-kids everywhere. Some of those labels had a unique and distinctive sound, some had covers that kept you looking on for hours. It was always special to discover new bands on those labels and you always knew that there was someone in the background who had a very special musical vision and insight.
The classic indiepop-labels from the 80s faded and disappear- ed one after another. The gap that they left was to be filled by the ones who had bought their records when they where teenagers.

So it was up to us, Johannes, Martin and Hanns-Christian, to take the challenge and we started apricot records: Back in 1995 brideshead's "This is mall music" was released, followed by the classic 7"s by Elegant & Mondfähre and Den Baron.


Apricot concept ...

… is based on a combination of pop-elements on different levels: Beautiful cover-artwork, coloured vinyl, hand-numbered limited editions… - values we still believe in.
More records followed; the airpop-compilation, albums by the Shining Hour, Rockformation Diskokugel, Modesty Blaise and Aquadays.

A lot more is still to come and the idea will always be the same.
Apricot records is P!O!P! in all of it's facets and aspects. Bands and artists on apricot come from different countries around the world. They all share the love and passion for P!O!P! and they feel at home with us. Not because we be- lieve in the same things but because we care. Apricot records - small but sweet...and remember being a popfan is more than about the music! write to us...


Johannes Schneider

managing director
promo department

Martin Nelte

managing director
legal department

Hanns Christian Mahler

managing director
sales & licensing department


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