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phy is a band who's music is not easy to catagorize, even experienced listeners have problems placing them in a specific musical genre. Melodic, melancholic, complex minimalism are definitions that have been used on the -phy sound.
Ingrid and Vigdis started up in 95 with an instrument course trough a female music organization called AKKS. After the course they decided to start a band, but they needed a bassplayer. They met Ellen at the bar and she told that she had learned to playthe bass from a Clawfinger member. They all moved in to a big house they called CasA PhY. And what does -phy mean? Think of words like philoso-phy and you'll come up with more... .
A tour in Norway in January 1998 and several releases mark their way so far...

-phy are:

Ingrid M. Tolstad - Lead and Backing Vocals, Guitars
Ellen M.I. Ersfjord - Bass, Backing Vocals
Vigdis Sjelmo - Drums, Percussion

Their music:


Their releases:


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close detail moonstruck




7" limited to 800 copies, handnumbered, transparent snowy bonbon vinyl

Ingrid, Ellen & Vigdis, three beautiful girls from a country so way up north that people call it norway, decided to form -phy in 1995. they moved together in a house called casa-phy and tried to capture warmth, melody and melancholia in their songs. while the boys from their hometown trondheim began to conquer the european football scene the girls from -phy went to put a magic spell on the world. crystal clear, fairy-like vocals, pure beauty. we tried not to breath while
listening to "moonstruck" and we stayed up until the day was dawning, playing their songs again and again.


1 moonstruck

Heavy Blinkers
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