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-phyAquadaysBazooka CainBirdieBridesheadBuschC.l.a.r.k.CakeheadsCinnamonDen BaronElegantFragileGraf TatiHeavy BlinkersLes GarconsLinaModesty BlaiseMondfähreOrwellPanamaformatRockformation DiskokugelSleeping PolicemenSpace KellySpearmintSuperpunkThe LodgerThe Shining HourThree Blind MiceVarious Artists
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Various Artists

here are some information on the "compilations" which were released by apricot records.

Their music:

Bazooka Cain - Frühling im Herbst
Arvidson - Wake up
Brideshead - The lie that tells the truth
Lato - Airhead
Busch - Schwam und Schwerkaft
Groovy Cellar - Happiness lies ahead
Modesty Blaise - My life before you came
Phony - Silent place (Remix)
Panamaformat - Nonstop Express (Videoedit)
Kosmonaut - Days of our lives
Cakeheads - Papermoon
Avocadoclub feat Foldlust - Too much space to walk away
Les Garcons - Bleib noch wach
Vermont Sugar House - Braceheart
Starlets - Rocking in a shy way
Amber Smith - There is no way
The Shining Hour - Stay with me
Goldstonesd- Everyday
Den Baron - Paris
Seaside Stars - Eyes

Their releases:

Sweets of Siam
Daft wild sparkling strawberry soda
Shotclub Volume 1 - Japanese Ele Pop Collection
mom and p.o.p. grocery store
Airpop Terminal 2

close detail Airpop

Various Artists


aprivin007 apricd002

airpop - an apricot records compilation cd featuring eleven fantastic
bands with rare, exclusive and sparkling pop. artists on this recording
are apricot bands, soon-to-be-on-apricot-bands and more - simply
everything we like from around the world...: our man from havanna
den baron, the 60s P!O!P! sensation mondfaehre, the jangly
P!O!P! gems fragile and the shining hour from the u.k., the splendid
brideshead, the more than charming charming from the usa,
swedish superstars shermans, the wonderful jordans from australia,
the outrageous rockformation diskokugel, and céleste and aqua-
days, both from sweden and both indie-P!O!P! royals.
many songs on this recording are previously unreleased or exclusive.
"eleven brilliant popbands from usa, sweden, germany, uk and
australia make this one of the very few compilations that you listen
to from start to end without hitting the skip-button. mainly 80s
based guitar pop with some excursions to aasy, 60s and gentle
noise-pop. very tasteful artwork reminding of siesta, bunga-
low or marina releases." (mind the gap)


close detail Sweets of Siam

Various Artists
Sweets of Siam



i guess it was three or four o'clock in the morning when the telephone rang. on the other end of the line i heard the gentle voice of our friend christian kracht. christian's voice suddenly disappeared and was substituted by the sweetest melody one could imagine. poppy and cool, light and exotic, dreamy and clubby. i was breathless christian played me various tunes over the phone and my curiosity was rising to extremes. finally he told me the whole story rung who runs the stylish record-label small room had released the most beautiful P!O!P!-music. bands with wonderful names like groovy airline, fashion show or penguin villa. close to P!O!P!-perfection but some-how mysterious and nouveau. something new, something exciting, something fantastic is beginning. apricot records is proud and happy to offer the world the sweets of siam. come and have a look around in the world of P!O!P!-music from thailand. taste and enjoy: P!O!P! has not felt this wonderful and new in a long time!


close detail Daft wild sparkling strawberry soda

Various Artists
Daft wild sparkling strawberry soda



There used to be a famous german tv-commercial with a lady travelling through southern europe and searching for the most delicate cherries she could find. she was working for a company producing sweets. this company was well known for using the best tasting cherries for their chocolates only.
well, apricot is not literally producing chocolates with cherries in it, but we're a small but sweet company with a love for sweet music - so we felt intrigued. we travelled the world in order to find the most delicious P!O!P!-bands as ingredients for a totally new drink -a daft wild sparkling strawberry soda! first we went up north to denmark and discovered three pure P!O!P!-sensations: tiger baby, superheroes and labrador; in sweden we met the perishers and loved them from the first chord. we travelled to the u.k. next and collected songs by trembling blue stars and would-be-goods, musicians with releases on labels like sarah, el, shinkhansen and matinée - only the best for our strawberry soda was suitable. In england we met up with birdie and belasco; english P!O!P!-tradition at it's best. then it was time to head up transatlantic: we played golf with lloyd cole in maine, walked on the shores of santa monica with bart davenport and ate tons of ice-cream with majestic in new york. afterwards we took the concorde directly to paris. there we added a bit of french flavour to the soda and assembled songs by orwell and tahiti 80 - the true gourmets of P!O!P! then it was time to return to germany. we took the train all away along the rhine-valley. and when we got off, panamaformat and riviera were waiting in the train-station to pick us up. what you're holding in your hands right now is the result: highly concentrated P!O!P! probably it's more like molasses, not a soda which you drink in one big gulp. just one sip after the other.
daft wild sparkling strawberry soda could be too sweet and poppy if you listen to it in one session. be prepared! so, off we go – searching for new ingredients for a soda with another exciting flavour.


close detail Shotclub Volume 1 - Japanese Ele Pop Collection

Various Artists
Shotclub Volume 1 - Japanese Ele Pop Collection



In October 2001 the label Shibuyahot introduced their new "SHOTCLUB VOLUME ONE / JAPANESE ELEPOP COLLECTION". The project Shibuyahot started with the idea of three Japan fans to present the rest of the world the colourful Japanese pop culture and make it more popular beyond the borders of Japan. To reach this aim Shibuya- hot organizes exhibition events as well as club nights named SHOTCLUB -playing only Japanese club music of course.

"SHOTCLUB VOLUME ONE / JAPANESE ELEPOP COLLECTION" is the beginning of a compilation series targeting a bigger audience and filling them with enthusiasm for japanese music. Our selection of Japanese pop pearls for volume one is based on electronical sounds called simply "Elepop" by Japanese. "SHOTCLUB VOLUME ONE / JAPANESE ELEPOP COLLECTION" comprises different kinds of music styles -Bossa, Reaggae, Easy Listening, Jazz, Beat or Minimal Techno, offering the listener a closer insight in Japanese "Elepop" music.

"SHOTCLUB VOLUME ONE / JAPANESE ELEPOP COLLECTION" is a varied Elektro Pop CD -relaxing, chillful but also very groovy, ....

01 Eureka! • Small Talk
02 Dahlia • The Measles
03 Qypthone • Menu (Shot mix)
04 Nomiya Maki • My Bossa Nova
05 Hi-Posi • Taboo no Jyogen
06 PINE*am • es 0.1 (edit inst) • Remixed by TReMOReLa
07 Mt. Mushroom • Moon Beach
08 TReMOReLa • Samba Parade
09 Corniche Camomile • Chelsea Walk (bpmp radio mix) • Remixed by Tomohiro Naito
10 Himawari • Computer Energy
11 Sugar Plant • Behind the Ears


close detail Brausepulver

Various Artists



Brausepulver - ­a substance so special and exciting as P!O!P!-music can be. Imagine yourself lying in park on a sunny day. You're watching children play, ducks in a pond are swimming lazily and silently. Then you open a small package of Brausepulver. Pour the powder on the skin of your palm and lick it. Feel the frizzling sensation on you tongue. It will put a smile on your face and the world is a tiny bit better for a few seconds. That's what we think P!O!P!-music is about and that's why started apricot records.
It was 1995 when we released the first record on apricot records. A lot of things have happened in the years between then and now. We have met and worked with many wonderful bands - fantastic artists who share our ideal of how P!O!P! music should be. On this collection you'll find a small selection of apricot flavoured moments - sparkling and light, fresh and sweet, young and light-hearted. We like P!O!P! when we feel the effervescent beauty. Open your package of Brausepulver and enjoy!


1 Bazooka Cain - Frühling im Herbst
2 Arvidson - Wake up
3 Brideshead - The lie that tells the truth
4 Lato - Airhead
5 Busch - Schwam und Schwerkaft
6 Groovy Cellar - Happiness lies ahead
7 Modesty Blaise - My life before you came
8 Phony - Silent place (Remix)
9 Panamaformat - Nonstop Express (Videoedit)
10 Kosmonaut - Days of our lives
11 Cakeheads - Papermoon
12 Avocadoclub feat Foldlust - Too much space to walk away
13 Les Garcons - Bleib noch wach
14 Vermont Sugar House - Braceheart
15 Starlets - Rocking in a shy way
16 Amber Smith - There is no way
17 The Shining Hour - Stay with me
18 Goldstonesd- Everyday
19 Den Baron - Paris
20 Seaside Stars - Eyes

close detail mom and p.o.p. grocery store

Various Artists
mom and p.o.p. grocery store



not for sale, promotional copy only

the mom and p.o.p. grocery is where you can find you daily treasures, even the small but sweet things you so dearly like.
sorry, but it's very very limited and not for sale.

featuring Aquadays, Bazooka Cain, Birdie, Brideshead, Busch, Ckaheads, Cinnamon, Den Baron, Elegant, Fragile, Les Garcons, Lina, Modesty Blaise, Mondfähre, Panamaformat, -Phy, Rockformation Diskokugel, The Shining Hour, Space Kelly, Spearmint, Superpunk, Three Blind Mice, Starlets


close detail Airpop Terminal 2

Various Artists
Airpop Terminal 2


aprivin015 apricd015

in 1988 creation records released "Doing it for the kids" - and it changed our lifes forever; everything was in it: beauty, noise, melody.... Each single song on this compilation was a masterpiece and we did not put the record back in itís sleeve for months. well, 1988 is indeed a long time ago and so we thought that it might be the right time for a compilation in the vein of classic indiepop collections: here comes airpop terminal 2! A meetingplace for the greatest P!O!P!- bands from around the world.

On this compilation you'll hear unreleased and hard to find songs by the marvellous spearmint (UK), the glorious cinnamon (Sweden), the young & splendid superheroes (Denmark) and the more than charmingcharming (USA) just to name a few. These are songs that will paint twenty-eight different kinds of smiles on your faceì wrote german cult-author Christian Kracht in his liner-notes for airpop terminal 2. so: fasten your seat-belts and bring your seat in an upright-position - P!O!P! is ready for take off.


Rockformation Diskokugel
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Space Kelly